Just saw the mother of one of my ex boyfriends. It. Was an awkward break up a couple of years ago now. She said hi, I greeted her back and asked how she was, she replied saying she was good & asked me if I was Baileys mum. I’m like uh no… I’m not. wtf I can’t even be remembered, gah.


Francesca Woodman

… by stemerk44 on Flickr.

Headphones on Flickr.

I just got a pair of these Audio-Technica ATH-M50’s for belated christmas from my parents. Worth the wait of finding some headphones that not only sound amazing but look good from a fashion perspective, but also fit my need for perfectly designed products.

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linda vachon / tête de caboche

For when you feel nothing.
Must buy some new paper, and play with textures.

Francesca Woodman - UntitledProvidence, Rhode Island, 1975-1978Woodman took this photograph of herself not long after her grandmother’s funeral. Old family photographs sit on the table beside her, whilst she is bathed in a transparent light suggesting a spiritual presence. Woodman has openly acknowledged the influence of Duane Michals’s surreal photographs for such images, which explore movement and transparency.Her photographs explore issues of gender and self, looking at the representation of the body in relation to its surroundings. She usually puts herself in the frame, although these are not conventional self-portraits, since she is either partially hidden or concealed by slow exposures that blur her moving figure into a ghostly presence. This underlying fragility is emphasised by the small and intimate format of the photographs.


old lamp polaroid

Plate from Storyville Portraits,1912  by E.J. Bellocq *
via artpages

Reminds me of some of Joel Peter Witkin’s works.

Lisa Oppenheim
Passage of the moon over two hours, Arcachon, France Ca. 1870s/2012, April 12, 2012
Unique black and white photograph
15.5 x 19.5 inches

© Masao Yamamoto